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 Annette Himstedt 1996 Club Engraved Copper Box   Annette Himstedt 1996 Club Engraved Copper Box   $60.00 
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 Annette Himstedt Adrienne 1989/90   Annette Himstedt Adrienne 1989/90   $1,145.00 
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 Annette Himstedt Alke 1994/95   Annette Himstedt Alke 1994/95   $525.00 
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 Annette Himstedt An Mei 1997   Annette Himstedt An Mei 1997   $635.00 
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 Annette Himstedt Anna II 1998   Annette Himstedt Anna II 1998   $615.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Annchen 1990/91   Annette Himstedt Annchen 1990/91   $1,295.00 
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 Annette Himstedt Aura 1996 Ultra LE   Annette Himstedt Aura 1996 Ultra LE   $1,395.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Ayoka 1989/90   Annette Himstedt Ayoka 1989/90   $1,335.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Baby Lieschen + Kleine Lieschen   Annette Himstedt Baby Lieschen + Kleine Lieschen   $985.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Bastian 1986/87   Annette Himstedt Bastian 1986/87   $795.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Catalina 1998   Annette Himstedt Catalina 1998   $725.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Deta 1999   Annette Himstedt Deta 1999   $698.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Efli 2006   Annette Himstedt Efli 2006   $585.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Ellen 1986/87   Annette Himstedt Ellen 1986/87   $925.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Emil 2000   Annette Himstedt Emil 2000   $599.99 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Enzo 1992/93   Annette Himstedt Enzo 1992/93   $525.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Fatou 1986/87   Annette Himstedt Fatou 1986/87   $1,225.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Fiene 1990 <b>MINT/NO BOX</b>   Annette Himstedt Fiene 1990 MINT/NO BOX   $445.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Georgi I 1999   Annette Himstedt Georgi I 1999   $635.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Georgi II 1999   Annette Himstedt Georgi II 1999   $635.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Janka 1989/90   Annette Himstedt Janka 1989/90   $1,195.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Jette 2000   Annette Himstedt Jette 2000   $725.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Jule 1992/93   Annette Himstedt Jule 1992/93   $995.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Kaschmiri 2005   Annette Himstedt Kaschmiri 2005   $742.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Kasimir 1988/89   Annette Himstedt Kasimir 1988/89   $1,925.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Kathe 1986/87   Annette Himstedt Kathe 1986/87   $1,099.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Kati 2003 Club Doll   Annette Himstedt Kati 2003 Club Doll   $995.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Keri 1998   Annette Himstedt Keri 1998   $690.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Kima 1993/94   Annette Himstedt Kima 1993/94   $525.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Kimi 2005   Annette Himstedt Kimi 2005   $584.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt La Mei 2006   Annette Himstedt La Mei 2006   $849.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt La Mei 2006   Annette Himstedt La Mei 2006   $849.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt La Mei 2006 <b>NO GOLD</b>   Annette Himstedt La Mei 2006 NO GOLD   $849.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lenny 2003 Club Doll   Annette Himstedt Lenny 2003 Club Doll   $995.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lilia 2006   Annette Himstedt Lilia 2006   $688.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lina 1996   Annette Himstedt Lina 1996   $685.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Liniki 2006   Annette Himstedt Liniki 2006   $799.20 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lisa 1986/87   Annette Himstedt Lisa 1986/87   $925.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lisa Lu 2006   Annette Himstedt Lisa Lu 2006   $849.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lisa Lu 2006 <b>NO GOLD</b>   Annette Himstedt Lisa Lu 2006 NO GOLD   $849.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lona 1993/94   Annette Himstedt Lona 1993/94   $695.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lottchen I 1999 (Himie)   Annette Himstedt Lottchen I 1999 (Himie)   $275.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lottchen II 1999 (Himie)   Annette Himstedt Lottchen II 1999 (Himie)   $295.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Lucy 2003 Club Doll   Annette Himstedt Lucy 2003 Club Doll   $813.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Madina 1995/96   Annette Himstedt Madina 1995/96   $575.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Makimura 1988/89   Annette Himstedt Makimura 1988/89   $1,100.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Makimura 1988/89 <b>NO BOX</b>   Annette Himstedt Makimura 1988/89 NO BOX   $445.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Malin 1988/89   Annette Himstedt Malin 1988/89   $1,795.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Mia Yin 1999 Ultra LE   Annette Himstedt Mia Yin 1999 Ultra LE   $1,360.00 
 Buy Now 
 Annette Himstedt Michiko 1988/89   Annette Himstedt Michiko 1988/89   $1,225.00 
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Panty - White floral with lace trim 10" dolls
Panty - White floral with lace trim 10" dolls
01.Annette Himstedt Lottchen II 1999 (Himie)
02.Annette Himstedt Lottchen I 1999 (Himie)
03.Annette Himstedt Lucy 2003 Club Doll
04.Annette Himstedt Kati 2003 Club Doll
05.Annette Himstedt Kimi 2005
06.Annette Himstedt Lenny 2003 Club Doll
07.Annette Himstedt Anna II 1998
08.Annette Himstedt Georgi I 1999
09.Annette Himstedt Georgi II 1999
10.Annette Himstedt Theodor Zauber (Magic Outfit) 2002
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FR:16 Shades of Gray Hanne Erickson
This was my 1st choice in dolls offered at Doll Peddlar. I L ..
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